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Stephen Ministry    

Sunday Services Cancelled Due to Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Covid-19 Virus

As per the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health and the Villages Management, all Chapel services have been cancelled until further notice.

Videos of the sermons  will be published on the web site each Saturday night for use by the congregation on Sunday morning.

Welcome to the Villlages Community Chapel

The Villages Community Chapel is a multi denominational Christian Church serving those who live the Villages Golf and Country Club and the nearby Assisted Living Facilities in San Jose, CA.  Our weekly worship service is held at 10AM Sundays in the Cribari Auditorium in the Villages.

A Word From The Pastor


Doug Canepa, Villages Chapel Lay Board President
Date Published: 
Friday, April 30, 2021

     “Providence” is a word that is not frequently used. Providence is defined as, “God’s foreseeing care and guidance, omnisciently directing the universe and the affairs of humankind with wise benevolence;  the manifestation of divine care.”   Simply put, embedded in “Providence” is the word “provide.”  However, this unique provision is accomplished by divine means.  What a wonderful comfort to be assured of God’s providence in our life and He is our provider!

     I recall memories of the past when God showed up in my life and showed off His divine care. He brought back to remembrance things in the past that seemed so inconsequential at the moment, but there was no doubt that God’s hand was present.

     The Bible speaks about listening to the still small voice.  For me, that voice came through a broken garage door handle that was frustratingly inoperable for months.  Then suddenly, for no apparent reason, the internal mechanism of the door knob just started working again! How can that be?  I supposed that the God of the universe, who knows what hairs that I still have left on my head, could probably also fix a broken door knob!  Now each time I go through the door, and it closes, I say thank you Jesus!  If this had been an isolated incident then it could arguably be dismissed as just mere coincidence but God’s Providence has been overwhelming revealed by His wise benevolence and loving care, to me over, and over again.

     At Easter Services, pastor Tim (EVC church), spoke of Jesus’ death and resurrection.  The women who came to the tomb that Easter morning, unknowingly spoke with the risen Christ.  He told the women to let the disciples know, “and Peter,” that the tomb was empty.  Pastor Tim referred to these two words, “and Peter,” as profound words of grace, spoken in the garden to comfort Peter. Providence could have been easily exchanged, because Jesus manifested His divine care toward Peter, who had denied even knowing Jesus.   Through the voice of these women Jesus lovingly comforted Peter’s guilty heart. 

     If we listen to the voice of the risen Christ, we will know that His providence is far greater than anything we can ever imagine.

     Thank you Jesus, while yet I am a sinner, that you died to pay the price for my sin to provide eternal life through your providential care.

     "GOOD NEWS!  Join us each week on Sunday at 10 a.m. or anytime thereafter, Pastor Bill will deliver his Sunday Morning Sermon Message on video at our website: