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Stephen Ministry    

Sunday Services Cancelled Due to Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Covid-19 Virus

As per the Santa Clara County Department of Public Health and the Villages Management, all Chapel services have been cancelled until further notice.

Videos of the sermons  will be published on the web site each Saturday night for use by the congregation on Sunday morning.

Welcome to the Villlages Community Chapel

The Villages Community Chapel is a multi denominational Christian Church serving those who live the Villages Golf and Country Club and the nearby Assisted Living Facilities in San Jose, CA.  Our weekly worship service is held at 10AM Sundays in the Cribari Auditorium in the Villages.

A Word From The Pastor

“Better Than Normal”

Pastor Bill Hayden, Senior Pastor, Villages Chapel
Date Published: 
Saturday, April 10, 2021

     People are restless and making it known that they can’t wait to go back to what they call, “having a normal life.” They are even demanding that the government, whether local or national, do the same. I would ask, “What is a normal life?” Is it doing everything that you please without accountability to anyone or is it something else? Normal is an interesting word that can have a lot of variables. What is considered normal for one person can be entirely different for another. If your normal is to have the power to exert control over someone’s or somethings future and suddenly that has been taken away, then your normal has been interrupted. 

     The pandemic has changed a lot of people’s normal and their outlook on life has forced many to conform for the safety of themselves and others. If you neglect people who are important in your life, for selfish reasons, you benefit no one not even yourself. Some of the things that people “normally” do or did are proving to be unhealthy for others.

     The pandemic forced all of us to consider the reality of the brevity of life. For many, it was grievous to be unable to be present or say good bye to loved ones who lingered in hospital beds or alone at home until succumbing to the Virus. If in the past your “Normal Life” was filled with misfortune and misery, hopefully you will be able to aspire to something greater in the days to come.

     I try to achieve the “Blessed Life” where we treat each other as we desire to be treated and do more wherever possible. Where God is honored and the dignity of mankind, who is created in the image and likeness of God, is revered. Last, but not the least, to live as a grateful nation with Christ in our hearts, exemplifying  God’s love to all people and to enter Heaven with all those who lived for Christ.

     Proverbs 14:34 NLT “Godliness makes a nation great, but sin is a disgrace to any people.”

     "GOOD NEWS!  Join us each week at 10 a.m. or anytime thereafter, Pastor Bill will deliver his Sunday Morning Sermon Message on video at our website: