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Welcome to the Villlages Community Chapel

The Villages Community Chapel is a multi denominational Christian Church serving those who live the Villages Golf and Country Club and the nearby Assisted Living Facilities in San Jose, CA.  Our weekly worship service is held at 10AM Sundays in the Cribari Auditorium in the Villages.

A Word From The Pastor


Pastor Bill Hayden
Date Published: 
Friday, June 14, 2019

     A wise father prepares his sons and/or daughters to someday be his replacement. I know a young man, who was a former athlete and now spends his time developing his sons and daughters to be follow in his footsteps. He sees the abilities and uniqueness in each of his children. He has devoted his spare time, along with his wife, to shape and build their abilities, to be the best they can be.

     We come to this time of year again, that has been set aside to honor fathers. 

     Some of us may find it difficult to honor an abusive father or a father who walked away from his family. Isaiah 65:17 NKJV “For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; And the former shall not be remembered or come to mind.”

     I believe, in those cases, we can honor the office of a father and not the behavior. There are a lot of good fathers in the world, who have laid down their lives for their families. We honor them all, whether or not we think they deserve it.

     From Heart Devotional: A Father's Love is Precious. I have seen it in the funeral parlor, as sons and daughters stand by a casket in disbelief as they stare at their father. They cry. They laugh. They share stories from their childhood. They recall how he helped them through tough times. They reflected on what he taught them about family, about friends, and about God.


     Join us this Sunday at the Villages Community Chapel in Cribari Auditorium at 10 a.m. to be encouraged. The chapel is a place for needs to be met, faith to be affirmed and people to love.  We would love to meet you. To learn more about the Villages Community Chapel visit our website at Villages Community Chapel | Rejoice in the Lord!