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Lay Leadership Team

Hands filled with the Fire of the Holy Spirit


Name Title
Mike Falarski President
Bill Travis Vice President
Jeanette Campa Secretary
Stan Funkhouser Treasurer

Board Members

2016-2017 2017-2018
Mike Falarski Bill Travis
Connie Jamrock Carolyn Hill
Stan Funkhouser Dean Pearson
Barbara Knight Janet Stevenson
  Jeanette Campa
  Martha Baker
  Norma Gwinn

Committee Chairpersons

Committee Chairperson
Pastoral Jeanette Campa
Worship Norma Gwinn
Finance Dean Pearson
Music Gary Hill
Carolyn Hill
Missions Dean Pearson
Membership Janet Stevenson
Chapel Development Mike Falarski
Bible Study / Small Groups Martha Baker

Ministry Leaders

Ministry Leader
Ushers/Greeters Norma Gwinn
Culinary Events Emil Pisarri
Prayer Betty Williams
Judi Falarski
Altar Mary Flesher
Flowers Barbara Knight
Post Service Flowers Connie Jamrock
Communion Connie Jamrock
Marilyn McGrail
Visitation Peter Unruh
Refreshments Marilyn McGrail
Horng Liang
Photographer Teres Ryan
Communion Servers Ken Utne
Head Ushers Ken Utne
Worship Leaders Joyce Bundesen
Webmaster Nick Yannaccone
Payckex Gary Hill
Financial Secretary Dean Pearson