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Spreading the Gospel

Missions – the Villages Community Chapel has always had a heart and focus on missionary outreach.

We seek out Christian missionary endeavors in our local communities, internationally, and nationally. Our support is both financial and spiritual and indeed in some cases physical. The basic goal is to reach people for Christ in their environment. These efforts take many forms.

Our Missions Committee is constantly looking, vetting, and then recommending such efforts for our support.

Currently (2016), the Chapel supports these missions:

  • Kenya Evangelical Missions.  Kenya, East Africa
  • Gideons International. San Jose, Chapter
  • Hospital Chaplains, San Jose medical
  • Hubbards, serving in Sierra Leone, West Africa
  • Navigators, Colorado
  • Kids Club, Evergreen area through Evergreen Valley Church
  • San Jose Police Chaplains
  • Norther California Association of Evangelicals
  • City Team, San Jose
  • Mountain View Church, Oakdale California