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New Revised Web Site

Pastor Bill

When the original web site was designed, it was to attract new members.  The revised website still does this but also helps current members to find information.

Following are the major changes made to the web site:

  • Although the artistic pictures on the front page were lovely to view, they did not give the reader a sense of the congregation of the Villages Chapel.  These pictures have been replaced with pictures of our congregation and Senior Pastor both in our Worship Services and in some of our fun activities.
  • The menus have been redesigned to be clearer as to where to find information.
  • The two graphics below the pictures highlight ministries important to the Chapel.  They are the Stephen Ministry, and Bible Studies. These ministries may change over time depending on what the lay board wishes to highlight.
  • The events on the right side of the front page lists those events considered key to Chapel Congregants.  Missing are events such as meetings and choir practices.  However, these events can still be found on the Calendar page..