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Annual Meeting Results

The 2017 Chapel Annual Meeting was held Sunday 11/19/17. At the meeting three new members were elected to the Chapel Board of Directors to serve a 2-year term (2018-2019). Please welcome and thank them for volunteering their service:

  • Emil Pisarri
  • Joan Ender 
  • Joyce Bundensen

The following members will be retiring from the board after serving 2 years:

  • Stan Funkhouser
  • Barbara Knight
  • Connie Jamrock
  • Mike Falarski

Please thank them for their service to the Chapel and encourage them to continue doing God’s work.
The 2017 and the 2018 Boards will meet in joint session on Tuesday December 5. At that meeting, the 2018 will assume their leadership role, elect officers and receive the 2018 budget as approved by the 2017 Board.
Mike Falarski
Almost Past-President